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Entity Data Abstraction

How can a reusable business data architecture be established?


Creating data models (schemas) in support of entity services can result in a series of service-specific data models that introduce redundancy and are only useful to the services.


Establish an entity data architecture that exists independently from the federated service endpoint layer, so that it can be normalized and used by both services and other parts of the enterprise.


Entity-centric schemas are defined and standardized separately in support of service layers but also in support of generic data representation.


Not all schemas will be appropriate for all services, which may lead to performance trade-offs or the need to introduce redundant data models.




Under Review


Thomas Erl

Contributor Notes

Although this technique is common when designing data architectures as independent layers in support of entity service layers, this design pattern seems like more of a mildly specialized implementation of Schema Centralization. I'm not certain whether a separate pattern dedicated to entity schema abstraction is warranted.

- Thomas Erl