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The patterns documented in this book were in development for nearly 40 months prior to publication in printed format. During this period, the pattern catalog underwent exhaustive reviews by SOA experts and practitioners, key members of the patterns community, as well as members of the vendor and academic communities. Additionally, an open public review of the first draft of the manuscript of this book was held for several months at during which over 200 individual reviews were collected. The History and Acknowledgements pages provide further details regarding past review stages and cycles.

The feedback collected as a result of this review process helped validate many patterns, but also helped identify those that were either invalid or not yet ready to be considered fully proven or field-tested. Because these patterns were not considered ready for inclusion in the official SOA design pattern catalog they were classified as candidate patterns. This inspired the idea to create a forum in which proposed patterns could be published and subjected to open community review and feedback on an on-going basis.

A primary goal of is to help foster the development of new patterns in order to continually evolve and expand the master SOA design patterns catalog. In support of this goal, you are encouraged to get involved by:

Note that it is recommended that you first carefully review the existing candidate patterns before submitting your own to avoid potential duplication.

Candidate patterns can be ideas for new patterns or design patterns that have been successfully applied, but not yet to the extent that they can be considered fully proven.

The following list of patterns are in various stages of development and therefore many are not as comprehensively documented as the patterns in the formal SOA design pattern catalog.