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SOA Patterns Review Committee

The SOA Patterns Review Committee was created to assist pattern authors to produce high quality SOA design patterns and to assess candidate patterns submitted for inclusion in the master patterns catalog.

Candidate pattern authors are asked to participate in a monitoring process that consists of "shepherding" and at least one patterns writer's workshop. The roles and procedures used to guide and evolve design patterns are heavily influenced by the work of the Hillside Group.


Pattern authors are provided with a mentor (called a "shepherd") that provides feedback about a given candidate pattern. The author and the shepherd collaborate, potentially for several iterations, before the pattern is presented at a writers workshop. The process of shepherding is presented in more detail on the Hillside Group website.

Writer's Workshop

At the annual International Service Technology Symposium conferences (and other suitable events), the patterns review committee arranges writer's workshops during which the candidate patterns author gets to participate together with a team of mentors. The workshop provides the candidate patterns author an opportunity to answer questions about the pattern to the committee members.